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  Rachel L. Saldana Principal
  Mayda Montes Assistant Principal
School Support
  Mirna Arvizu Parent and Community Liaison
  Daryll Murphy Building & Grounds Manager

Norma Brambila, Health Care Asst.
Lizeth Cervantes, Spec. ED Asst.
Vanessa Cervantes, Spec. ED Asst.
Elvia Garcia, Spec. ED Asst.
Mirian Gomez, Spec. ED Asst.
Diana Gurubel, Spec. ED Asst.
Natalie Iniguez, Spec. ED Asst.
Angelica Mora, Spec. ED Asst.
Mayra Peña, Spec. ED Asst.
Ana Ramirez, Spec. ED Asst.
Juan Rosas, Spec. ED Asst.
Phillip Rodriguez, Spec. ED Asst.
Jessica Romero, Spec. ED Asst.
Maria Torres, Spec. ED Asst.
Mireya Torres, Spec. ED Asst.

Christopher Arellano III, BII (Agency)
Erika Rizo,  BII (Agency)


Jonathan Armijo
Gema Gonzalez - Library
Christopher Collazo
Edson Ramirez
Jose Zendejas

Stephanie Guevara
Gladys Guzman
Ivana Amaral

Supervision Aides

Cathy Estrada

Santiago (Robert) Spindola


Corona Ave School Staff Directory

Welcome to our Corona Ave Staff Directory.  This directory is separated by positions and lists all our permanent staff.  It may not list all our staff on site if they have recently been assigned to our school.

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  • Blue underlined staff names indicate a page or additional info.

School Based Support Staff

Office Staff
  Cointa Martin School Office Clerk
  Leticia Sanchez School Administrative Assistant
  Blanca Cuevas School Programs Coordinator
  Alejandra Guillen LD East Title III Instructional Coach
  Mrs. Lopez Intervention Coordinator
  Stephany Albarran Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor
  Mario Valenzuela School Psychologist - Itinerant

Lower Grade Teachers


Kinder is held at Martha Escutia Primary Center across the street. 

Upper Grade Teachers

SPED Teachers

Alternate Curriculum
  S. Contreras Teacher
  Sarah Ramos Teacher
Supported Curriculum
  Ms. Lupercio Teacher

Additional Programs Staff

Arts Programs
  Michael Blanc Itinerant - Arts Education
Community Support
  Mirna Arvizu Parent and Community Liaison
  Rachel Saldana(sys) *SA*
Beyond the Bell
  Rachel Saldana(sys) *SA*

It Takes A Village To Raise Our Successful Community!