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Staff - Resources for At-Home-Learning

Esteemed Corona Staff,

In an effort to compile the resources we need, we will be posting whatever we see in trainings.  If you see something we missed, copy the link and drop it in an email to Mr. A ( with a short description of the resources (e.g. MyMath Startup Videos) and he will post it here for all to access.

Schoology Resources

Schoology Resource Files:

Main catalog: PLS Catalog

Session Topics:

Schoology 1.0

Teacher Message a Parent through Schoology (Video)

Add Folders in Course Materials (Schoology)

Check Student Progress (Job Aid)

Embed a Google Form (Video)

Schoology 2.0


Schoology 3.0

Schoology: Tips, Tricks, and Add Ons

Video Conferencing in Schoology:

Web Link - LMS App Center Overview Video

Edgenuity (Pathblazer)

Resource Files and Videos:


Assignment Status