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  Mr. S. Altamirano Teacher
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iDesign Solutions Ideas

First Ideas - Backwards Crew

Squared Away Reveal - Bw Crew

Omni-drive - Bw Crew

Squared Away Summer Camp

Driver Skills - 6210

More Ideas - Robot HQ Taipei

Autostacker - Bw Crew

4 Bar Claw-Bot - Robot HQ

Squared Away Match - GK

81 Points! - DOD


Robotics Study Page

This page is meant for our Robotics Club members to study and get ahead.  The more they learn, the more they are prepared for being on the team.

Robotics Team requirements: 

2019 Spring Qualifying Challenges

Welcome to the Corona Robotics qualifying VEX Challenges.  In order to qualify for the Corona Robotics Club and maybe the final VEX Team, you need to do your best and show us what you have learned.  Below are the challenges you must complete to qualify. The 12 students who get the best scores will be in the club.  

  1. Participate in beginner classes on 5/16/19 (Thursday), 5/20/19 (Monday), 5/23/19 (Thursday), and 5/30/19 (Thursday).

  2. Learn the BASICS of VEX Robotics building and driving.

  3. Learn the BASICS of coding.

  4. Robot “Quick Build” test. 

  5. Practice Driving with partner (simulates VEX Driving Alliance Challenge).

  6. Complete one original designto solve a robotics problem with labels and an explanation to present to the club participants (simulates VEX Design Challenge).

  7. Interview with Mrs. McDaniel and Mr. Altamirano (simulates VEX Interview Challenge).

  8. Driving test (simulates VEX Driving Skills Challenge).

  9. Complete CODE.orgassignments (simulates VEX Coding Challenge).

Above all, show us you can accomplish work, work with your group, and try your best!  Good Luck!

2019-2020 Season Study Goals

Oh, so you made it to the team.... Here are some things you can be working on until we get to the first qualifying match in October...

Team Goals:

1. Build your first VEX IQ Robot using build instructions.

2. Study all the robots you build to see what elements work best.

3. Figure out the design flaws from the VEX IQ Robot Builds.

4. Research online and see what other teams are up to and listen to their advice.  VEX IQ is all about working together, not keeping secrets. Teams from around the world have VEX IQ Channels where they share what they have discovered, what they are planning, and strategies for building, driving, and scoring the most. The better you are, the better you will be when you play with them and help them combine scores!

5. Start planning, if you haven't already, how to build a unique robot and share your ideas with them.  If you convince your team, then it can become a reality.

6.  Make sure you write down any changes you make to your team robot or your design robot.

Some Fall Fun!


STEM Research Topic HWomework

2019-2020 STEM Research Project Topic:

This year we are featuring the STEM field of Science and how robotics can play a role in science, especially in data collection. Science is the systematic knowledge gained through observations, experimentation and the development of models. 

HW#1:  Find three robots that meet this year's challenge. Take notes and be ready to present.

HW#2:  Take your best robot and research deeper.  Take notes and be ready to present.

HW#3:  Find examples of your robot and how it is being used in the world.

HW #4:  Develop a thesis