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Corona Robotics Club

Welcome to our Robotics Club Page.

As part of our work at Corona, we offer students in 4th and 5th grade an opportunity to join our Robotics Club.   This STEM club provides our students an opportunity to develop 21st Century Skills that lead them to higher education

A Little Bit of History-

In the 2018-2019 school year Corona started our first robotics club with only six hopeful students.  It was late August and we had just found out that we had two weeks to build our first robot and get ready for our first competition. With a lot of determination, creativity, and hard work we built our first robot and named it Genesis. It represented the beginning of an amazing journey our school was embarking on. 

Our Accomplishments-

Wow, that was a lot for our first year, but we accomplished a lot as well.

We were able to compete against 35 schools in our area.  

We completed every task given to us and we won the STEM Research Project for our league.

We had the honor of going to the state level competition against 22 more school and we won the STEM research project again.

Now we get to go to Louisville, Kentucky to compete.

It Takes A Village-

During our building skills sessions, club members dedicate a lot of time building the robot following instructions from a manual without the help of the teachers. We have to work together to achieve our goal in a limited amount of time. So this is the time to practice our communication and collaboration skills. These sessions help us appreciate what each team member brings to the table. We also record our notes and draw design for new models in our engineering notebooks. Both final products are entered in the competitions and they can qualify us for different awards.

Our Goals-

Next year, our school will have 2 teams with at least 12 members in fourth and fifth grade.

We hope to grow the program to third grade students in the upcoming school year.

LAUSD Eat - Maywood League

Teamwork Challenge Final Match Rankings

4th – 3rd Place Tie

5th – 3rd Place Tie

Driving and Coding Skills

4th -  6th Place

5th – 1st Place

League Qualifying Awards for VEX Worlds 

4th – STEM Research Project Award (1st Place)

5th – Excellence Award (Top 3 in all Challenges)

5th – Driving and Coding Skills Award (1st Place)


State Championship

Teamwork Challenge Final Match Rankings 

4th – 14th Place

5th – 13th Place 

Driving and Coding Skills

4th – 12th Place

5th – 30th Place

League Qualifying Awards for VEX Worlds

4th – None

5th – None (Top 5 Interviewee for STEM Research)