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Healthy kids day May 2, 2020

Resources for Families - Them, Us, You, and Me

Emotional Health

 Emotional Health is an important aspect of everyday life.  Sometimes we forget that we need a moment to check on ourselves.  It is human nature to always think about who is in front and around us, but we cannot forget who is inside of us.  LAUSD has setup a health network for you to access.  Please reach out to these groups for 

Who can take an LAUSD covid test

Who can take an LAUSD covid test, Spanish

Nutritional Health

Nutritional Health is key to to students and adults alike.  Students need proper nutrition to keep those brain juices flowing and the adults need proper nutrition to make sure they are able to provide the best care for their children.  We hope that the opportunities listed below will help you to get on the path to a healthy-family lifestyle.


La salud nutricional es clave para estudiantes y adultos por igual. Los estudiantes necesitan una nutrición adecuada para mantener fluidos los jugos cerebrales y los adultos necesitan una nutrición adecuada para asegurarse de que puedan brindar la mejor atención a sus hijos. Esperamos que las oportunidades que se enumeran a continuación lo ayuden a emprender el camino hacia un estilo de vida familiar saludable.

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