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Family Module 

Family Module


Helping Our Children Achieve

Currently, parents can...

  • View child's attendance
  • View child's grades (progress reports)
  • View account information
  • Change account password
  • View module headings in nine different languages (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Russian, Farsi, Armenian, Chinese, and Korean). All data, however, will be in English, only.

In the future, parents will be able to...

  • View children from multiple schools in one place (as long as Family Module is enabled in the schools)
  • View child’s course requests and schedule
  • View child’s graduation requirements and discipline record

Monitoring allows parents to...

  • Talk with their child about attendance or grades issues
    • Praise efforts and accomplishments
    • Discuss areas of improvement
  • Communicate concerns early with teachers or counselors
  • Actively participate in intervention strategies

School Attendance and Student Success

How does attendance affect academic success?

  • Regular and punctual school attendance is probably the most important factor in successful school progress.
  • Students frequently tardy or absent fall behind in their academics.
  • Excessive absenteeism contributes to failed grades and possibly dropping out of school.
  • Poor attendance allows students the time to engage in potentially harmful behaviors

Get Started with the Family Module

What do I need to know about registering?

  • The Family Module is voluntary for all schools, so not all schools may choose to implement it.
  • Check the list at the upper right of the page to see if your child’s school is using the Family Module.
    • If a student moves from one school that uses the Family Module to another school that does not, parents will still be able to log in, but will not see any information.
    • If your child's school does not have Family Module, express your interest in using it to the school administrator
  • Currently, a parent will need a separate Access Key and Username for each child, even if your children attend the same school. In the future, parents will need only one Username and Access Key for the entire family.
  • Contact your child's school (323) 560-1323 to get the necessary registration forms and guides. To obtain an Access Key for starting an account, you must turn in the school's Parent Access Request Form, in person, and present identification proving you have legal rights to view a student's information.




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Parent Access is designed to provide LAUSD parents and guardians with "one stop" access to a variety of online tools using a single email address and password.


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