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Council Staff
  Mr. S. Altamirano Teacher
  Solange Quezada Teacher

Student Council at Corona

Student Council is designed to teach leadership, communication, and problems solving skills. Students participate in a nomination process and are nominated by their peers. Members of Student Council organize and assist in various activities for the students such as School service projects, the Fall Festival, Winter Show, Talent Show, and Spring Dance. Student Council members raise funds for the school, are the official welcoming committee, and participate in various service opportunities.

Why I joined Student Council

I joined because...

I like being a leader and wanted to help my school.

~ Danna

I wanted to help with school events.


I wanted my school to be a better place for our students.


I like to be an active member of my school community.

~Emily E.

I enjoy helping around my school.


I wanted to learn how to be a leader and inspire others to be involved.


I wanted to try something new.

~Emily N.

I wanted to lead and inspire younger students.


I like helping people and making them smile.


I wanted to help bring new activities.